Laptop Motherboard Repair - Component Level Motherboard Repair

The motherboard is the main part in laptop. If you order a new motherboard from the manufacturer, you have to pay about 80% of the total cost of the whole laptop. Because the motherboard is so expensive, we will fix or replace components on the motherboard to reduce the cost for you. If other laptop repairs or manufacturers suggest that you replace the motherboard, let us fix it to component levels to reduce the cost for you.


Your laptop's motherboard may just need to be replaced a little chip; we save the motherboard and reduce the cost for you.

    Symptoms of motherboard problems
  • No power
  • Power but no boot
  • Over heat
  • Shut down
  • Blue screen
  • Random power off
  • No sound
  • No video
  • No charge
  • Do not recognize devices, do not recognize hard drive, CD-ROM, keyboard, digital cards.
  • Bad BIOS chip
  • Cannot install OS/software
  • No Wireless and no Ethernet (LAN)
  • Bad PCMCIA port, bad USB ports, bad printer port
  • Shut down/hang when moved
  • AC adapter turns off when plug in.





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